James Edward and Companies

James Edward and Companies began in 1994, as a full-service brokerage firm that helped innovative beverage brands set up new distribution. In the early 1990’s, Red Bull was already an established brand in Europe, however It was relatively unknown in the US. Jim Rubenstein, President and CEO of James Edward and Companies, was intrigued by the “Red Bull phenomenon” that was sweeping Europe, and was sure that it would become more than just a popular drink in the U.S.  In 1997, Jim contacted Red Bull North America about brokerage opportunities; however, Red Bull was looking for wholesale distributors, not brokers. If Jim wanted to be a part of the ”phenomenon”, he would have to start an entirely new company and business model.

Convinced of Red Bull’s potential, Jim and his partners mobilized into action.

Matador Distributing

Matador Distributing began its operations in March 2000, in Atlanta, GA as James Edward and Companies first exclusive Red Bull distributor. In the beginning, Matador consisted of 3 employees –  a General Manager and two Account Managers that serviced all of metropolitan Atlanta. Today, as the one of the largest distributors in the United States, Matador services retailers throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Matador operates out of 7 facilities across its territory, with over delivery 100 routes to service its 8,000+ customers.  Matador employs a growing team of over 200 dedicated employees.

Viva Distributing

Viva Distributing began its operations in March 2001, in El Paso, TX as James Edward and Companies second exclusive distributor of Red Bull Energy Drinks. Today, Viva Distributing services over 2,300 retailers throughout the panhandle and west Texas. With 6 warehouse locations across the state, Viva Distributing currently operates 40 routes with a team of over 80 dedicated employees.

Chaparral Distributing

Chaparral Distributing began its operations in April 2006 in Austin, TX as James Edward and Companies third exclusive distributor of Red Bull Energy Drinks. Chaparral Distributing services retailers throughout the Austin metropolitan area and into the Texas Hill Country. Chaparral operates out of two warehouses and has a team of over 70 employees.

James Edward & Companies Corporate Office

The James Edward and Companies (JECO) corporate office is located in Houston, Texas and operates with 20+ dedicated employees to serve as a hub for Matador, Viva and Chaparral Distributing. The JECO team members oversee the following areas of support for each of the three distributors:  Human Resources, Strategic and Executive Management, Accounting, IT, Operations and Business Analysis.  James Edward and Companies maintains a strong relationship with Red Bull North America and is poised to continue supporting the “Red Bull phenomenon” for many years to come.